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Located Downtown Midlothian
Between Mo's Italian Bistro & Mona Leigh Hair Studio

WALK-IN's Welcome



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Planning a Visit?

You can walk-in to The Creative Brush with your friends and family anytime we are open. We accept groups of any size without notice ('course, if you're bringing more than 10 people, let us know so we can reserve a table for you)! 

Walk-Ins can create projects in the following arts without prior experience. "The Brush" staff and trained artists will assist you in the creative process and teach you everything you need to know to make a wonderful creation you and your family will treasure. If we fire your item we will hold it for 30 days to give you ample time to pick it up. 


And then what? 
Once you complete your artwork, you pay for your ticket and we complete your project. 

If you painted a piece of pottery, we will clear-glaze your piece(s), stilt and fire them to 1828*F. You pottery is ready for pick up one week later. 

If you fused glass, we will fire your piece flat, then fire it a second time (if requested), to "slump" the piece into its final shape. Your glass is ready for pick up two weeks later. 

If you created a licence plate/wood/ mosaic project, we will send you home with your mosaic creation alongwith a "grout kit" for you to smear in the grout between the tiles if you choose to do so (many people leave their mosaic ungrouted). 

If you sculpted clay, we will slowly dry your piece for a week, then fire during the next week- it is ready for pick up two weeks later. You can bring your clay creation to the studio at a later date to paint it with our glazes and re-fire, or you can paint it at home with anything you like 

You'll be amazed at how cool, awesome and permanent your creations will be! This isn't crafts, this is true art, y'all!! This is why we love the fired arts! 

Walk-In Pricing: 

  • Prices in the studio range from $10-$55 depending on the item chosen.

So come on in! We'll see you soon!

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